Specializing in Designing Installing and Maintaining Lightning Protection Systems for Thatched Roofs on Buildings and Lapas

Lightning is a powerful force
Lightning Protection Can Save Lives and Protect Property

Lightning can cause catastrophic destruction to electronic and electrical equipment and structural damage to buildings.
Is your building protected-inside and out?

Limpopo Lightning and Earthing specialize in all forms of earthing, lightning and surge protection.

 We are known in the industry and we train our personnel. It has involved us in all aspects of the Earthing and Lightning Insurance trade for over 25 years.

Our workforce has the skills and experience to protect thatched roof structures and electronic equipment from lightning and surges.

We carry our installations out in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

We offer ongoing training programs for all crew to create a continuous quality of service and system awareness.

Our processes are in strict conformance with the relevant SANS codes of practice and standards.

Products and services


We specialize in

  • Supply and install Dehn products
  • Design and install external lightning protection and earthing systems, complying with the relevant codes of practice and specifications.
  • Soil resistivity surveys and earth testing.
  • Lightning and surge protection.
  • Specialized earthing systems.
  • Upkeep of existing lightning protection systems
  • Limpopo Lightning and Earthing offer an annual inspection and audit of the earthing and lightning protection systems.
  • These inspections include testing of systems with calibrated test equipment and visual inspection.
  • A report of our findings and recommendations or repairs together with a Lighting Protection Systems Maintenance Certificate is submitted.
  • Inspection & analysis for insurance companies.